Student Recruitment Services

Each year, over 20000 international students use ACMG partnered agent’s platforms to find and compare their study options across borders and select the right programme.

At the same time, our results-based channels help RTOs’ with marketing and international student recruitment, by enabling them to reach a global audience and diversify their student population. ACMG ensures the increase in number of student applications and enrolments.

Through an exchange of expertise, combined with a broad range of services and a strong supply of analytical data, we can deliver a campaign that fits your recruitment and marketing vision. We match you with the students you’re most eager to recruit – the highly motivated, purpose-driven cultural explorers.

The best-matched students are sure to thrive and succeed at your institution; we will align our goals with the goals of your institute, through honest, transparent partnerships. Our personal touch lets you know that there is someone on the other end eager to help make your institution shine.