Public Relations & Media Services

ACMG will create long-term strategies that include harnessing the proven power of traditional PR with the influence of popular mediums of communication including the social media, we help leading and emerging educational institutes to raise their profiles, establish their identities, launch new products, promote their services and drive growth.

Some of our tactics in our PR programs are:

  • Media liaison and media relations: Expert media liaison which builds rapport and opens the door to future media opportunities for your business.
  • Story angle pitching: Crafting and pitching unique story ideas to select media outlets and securing interview opportunities for your business.
  • News commentary: We are experts in looking beyond the obvious to find media opportunities other PR agencies may miss and link your corporate messages with current news.

ACMG works on portraying what is unique about your institute and its characteristics to connect people with your brand name and will use our communications expertise to create quality content for promotions through traditional PR and social media channels to drive credibility and profile.