In country Representation Services

Many RTOs’ have looked upon ACMG for assistance and support in numerous ways, which involves using ACMG to represent them in a physical capacity also; ACMG provides services to RTOs’ also as an In-Country Representative. This makes ACMG to promote the institute by acting as an integral part of its recruitment team and carrying out activities to complement other marketing and candidate management for the institute.

General Services Includes the Following:

  • Inquiry response (multilingual)
  • Visits and meeting with candidates
  • Application review and completeness checking
  • Document attestation and credential investigation/verification
  • Student Interviews, reference checks
  • Interaction with applicants, support for applied/enrolled students, pre-departure events
  • Event planning, coordination and attendance
  • School visits, fair attendance
  • Telemarketing, home campus project support
  • Assistance and logical support for visiting officials, faculty and guests
  • Stakeholders and agent management
  • Local market research and intelligence gathering

Under the direction of the partner institutes, ACMG carry out its general services in a following manner

  • Implement marketing and recruitment activities in a particular country or region to fulfil the targeted objectives for student recruitment plan.
  • Assist in using data to monitor and evaluate student recruitment strategies within a specific country or region.
  • Provide regular reports to the International Office on performance in relation to meeting agreed recruitment targets.
  • Assist in the development of effective and high quality training materials and in the implementation of strategies for educating agents about the education institutes and its programs.
  • Advise prospective students, parents and school counsellors about study opportunities at our partnered institutes on an exclusive basis.
  • Undertake follow-up actions in relation to enquiries from prospective students made via phone, email and social media.
  • Work closely with education provider’s in-house team/staff to provide support to applicants seeking admission to the institute’s pathway programs where the student intends to progress to a further academic course.
  • Representation at recruitment fairs, exhibitions, agent interview programs, seminars and other forums in the region as directed.
  • Maintain close collaborative working relationships with external stakeholders and partners including agents, universities, schools, sponsoring bodies, government agencies and other educational institutions to facilitate the recruitment of students.
  • Contribute to the development of effective and high quality training materials and the implementation of strategies for educating agents about the education provider and its programs.
  • Assist in the development, maintenance, review, and improvement of International Office publications, and web-based marketing.
  • Utilise social media tools to ensure maximum exposure and visibility of the education provider.
  • Provide support to the team/staff from the education provider as required during their visits to the region.
  • Maintain data and provide regular reports on recruitment activities undertaken.
  • Assist the education provider in monitoring compliance by its education agents within the specific country or region.