Alumni Engagement Services

ACMG ensures brand and credibility enhancement for its partnered institutes, using front line leadership from alumni engagement experts; we know that a high-performing alumni engagement program can make the difference between an average advancement operation and an exceptional one.

It comes down to the following four factors:

  • Understanding industry best practices.
  • Knowing what to measure and how to measure it.
  • Applying the resulting insights to each unique situation.
  • Aligning alumni engagement decisions with the overall advancement strategy.

In our work with alumni programs across enormously diverse institutions, we deal with the challenges that may crop up; among them are the following:

  • Difficulty defining priorities and fitting them into a coherent strategic plan.
  • Lack of data for measuring alumni engagement.
  • Insufficient integration with other advancement functions.
  • Unclear volunteer roles and responsibilities.

ACMG will help your institute to establish new business practices to identify, code, track, and report alumni engagement by providing comparisons drawn from our benchmarking of many educational institutes, by facilitating joint planning sessions with key advancement partners, or by delivering a comprehensive roadmap to optimize your alumni program for both engagement and giving.

General Responsibilities and Compliance for Both Parties

Factors RTO / Brand Owner ACMG
Location Searching No Yes
Campus Set Up No Yes
Financial Input No Yes
Compliance Management Yes Yes
Financial Liability No Yes
HR Advisory & Staffing No Yes
Student Recruitment No Yes
Marketing No Yes